Finding the right gutter replacement service takes more than searching Google. Your roof has a bigger impact on your home than any other feature. Anytime a business works on it, you have to make sure they’re professionals and have access to quality materials. Here’s what to look for when you are seeking the best service for the job:

Insurance and Applicable Licensing

General liability insurance is an important tool in protecting customers and businesses from problems that might arise during gutter replacement. Professionals know this. If a ladder falls and damages your outdoor AC unit, for instance, they want to be able to replace that as quickly as possible.

Licenses aren’t always a requirement for gutter replacement, but in Georgia, they are necessary for any contractors who work on roof replacement and repair. Any company involved should have the appropriate credentials. If they don’t, you can’t be sure you’ll be able to find them in case there are any problems down the road.

Availability of Quality Materials

Amateurs and Do-It-Yourself homeowners often rely on low-cost, low-quality products available locally. Worse, they might not know which materials are best in your climate or those brands known for having problems. The lack of experience has a big impact on the value of the repairs to your home.

Professional companies have access to premium products they know will last. This is especially true when it comes to gutter repair and replacement. This is an add-on service for many homeowners during roofing jobs, so contractors that care make sure their gutter replacements add extra value.

Maintenance-Minded Crew

If you have a special gutter system installed, maintenance will be one of the top priorities of any professional crew you use to repair or replace your gutters. Over the years, caulk cracks or falls away, gutter spikes get bent in storms and rivets in your downspouts go missing. A professional company such as Hydro Tight Roofing and Restoration will recommend fixing these issues before they lead to big problems.

Appropriate maintenance will extend the life and look of your gutters for many years. Your installation team should have no trouble explaining to you how to keep your new home features in tip-top condition.


Whether you’d like to see the final results of a gutter job or want to talk with a happy customer, a professional gutter repair company won’t have any problem giving you the testimonials you need to feel comfortable booking their services.