HydroTight understands that the life span of your roof is determined largely by the amount of insulation and ventilation you have. For example, Ridge Vents provide the most effective edge to edge ventilation on a ridge roof and an insulated attic hatch prevents the 40% of heating and cooling normally lost! If your attic is well insulated then it takes less work to heat pump and air condition your home which can save you in energy costs. Also, the better ventilation on a roof the longer the shingles will last because it keeps the roof cooler. Which is only one aspect of knowing how your roof works for your home. Visit this online article https://www.roofpedia.com/the-top-5-things-you-need-to-know-about-your-roof/   to review the other 4 things you should know about your roof. Call us today at (770) 769-5755
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