Pros and Cons of a New Roof vs. Overlay in Loganville, GA

If the roof on your house is getting old, it might be time for you to get a roof replacement. Although it can be quite an expensive project, keep in mind that your family and home are both protected by your roof, so you need to ensure it is done properly.

What many people don’t realize is when your roofing Loganville GA is redone, you can either choose to tear off the existing roof and start all over or shingle over the current roof. It is very important to realize that each of these two options has pros and cons to them. So we are going to be outlining these for you in this article so that you can determine which option may work the best for your budget and home.

First of all, let define each of these two methods:

Tear off: This method is exactly what it sounds like it is: the roofing Loganville GA company will tear your existing roof off and then install a completely new roof in its place.

Overlay: With an overlay, you keep your current roof, and the shingle on top of it instead. It is important to know that this option can only be used if your roof hasn’t been previously overlaid.

What are the main pros and cons of these two methods:

Tear Off


  • Full Replacement: Whenever you choose a tear-off, you will get a brand new roof. There are many benefits to having a brand new roof.
  • Higher Quality – Since your entire roof is getting replaced, your roofers will be able to install new flashings and repair any high-risk areas, which will ensure that your house is watertight for many years into the future.
  • Lasts Longer: Compared to an overlay, a full tear-off roofing project will last a lot longer. That is mainly due to the fact that a new roof will trap a lot less heat compared to multiple layered roofs.
  • Adds Value to Your Home: A new tear-off roof will add to the resale value of your home, which can be a major selling point. If you are considering selling your house in a few years, then this is the best option.


  • Costs More: A tear-off roofing job will probably cost $1,000 or even more. The extra cost mostly is due to the additional labor that is needed to tear-off your roof.



  • Costs Less: Since you are just adding an extra layer of shingles on top of your old roof, there will be much lower labor costs.
  • Less Time: If you immediately need a new roof, this is great or if you do not have lots of money to spend on housing while the project is being completed.


  • Will not last as long: In general, shingles that are laid on top of an old roof don’t last as long as their normal lifespan, due to the added heat that is trapped by the extra layers.
  • Adds Weight – If you have an older house, or it isn’t as structurally sound you might not be able to do this kind of roof job. Placing another roof on top will add weight to the top of your house, and that might make the structural integrity of the roof questionable.
  • Might not be as attractive: Your previous roof has undergone many years worth of wear and tear, so it probably wasn’t level and some of the shingles were probably lifting or curling. When you put shingles on top of a roof that is damaged, it can affect the appearance of the roof.
  • Harder to check the deck: Tearing off an old roof allows you to look at what is underneath it. With an overlay, you don’t get this opportunity. Unless something is noticed by the roofers when walking across your roof, or during the initial roofing Loganville GA inspection and something is detected, you won’t know what condition your roof decking is actually in.
  • Cannot track leaks: If a leak develops, it will be a lot harder to figure out where the leak is coming from when you have multiple roof layers.
  • You will eventually need to replace it: With an overlay, the problem is you will need to replace it sooner or later. and there will be more than one layer of roofing that needs to be replaced.
  • Negative resale value: When you choose an overlay, it might not be the best choice for resale value. So if you are planning on selling your house in the near future, an overlaid roof can negatively impact your resale value.
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