Although your mind might still be on end of Summer BBQs and pool parties, it’s important to remember that now is the best time to prep your roof for the cooler season. 

Once the weather starts to grow colder, you’ll need to worry about moisture and condensation. But for now, here are four things you can do now to prep your roof for fall.

  1. Clear out your gutters. Fall is known for its cool temperatures and rainy days. If your gutters aren’t clean, a heavy rainfall can easily back up your gutters and cause water damage to your roof and siding. In fact, clogged gutters are considered the top reason for basement water problems. That said, August through November is the best time to keep your gutters clear. 
  2. Clean away any debris. While you’re cleaning your gutters, be sure to clear away any debris you find on your roof, too. Debris that hasn’t fallen into your gutters can build up moisture on your roof. This can cause rot or mold, which can eventually begin to break down your roofing materials. Consider contacting us today to help brush away this type of debris.
  3. Keep an eye out for roofing damages. Summer isn’t without its flaws. Your roof can suffer damage during any time of the year. But it’s important to make sure your roof is in peak condition before the colder season. Contact us today to give your roof a proper inspection. It’s best to fix the smaller problems you see before they can become major disasters during the winter.
  4. Make sure your attic has proper insulation. Your attic is an important part of your roofing system, which makes proper attic insulation and ventilation critical. The sun that hits your roof during the day heats up the air in your attic, which can cause moisture damage to your roof during the winter without proper insulation and ventilation. Consider getting an inspection to ensure your attic has both proper insulation and ventilation before the colder months.

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